Futures PayTech Award Winner

Pay360 Awards Finalist

114% overfunding on 1st crowdfund


Every time you use your ekko debit card, you’ll spread ‘good vibes’ around the world by planting trees and preventing plastic from entering our oceans. Every five transactions on your card pays for one ocean-bound plastic bottle to be collected. Every fifty transactions will pay for a tree to be planted. We’ve also built a marketplace of sustainable products and services, and you can track your carbon footprint correlated to your purchases.



The Challenge

How can I positively impact the environment and the world around me? How can I become more conscious of my environmental impact through my daily actions and purchases?

The Solution

We built a mobile app available on Android and iOS with a React Native frontend and Python backend.

The Outcomes

  • Partnered with AC Milan and Real Madrid to support their fan cards
  • ekko is a finalist at the Pay360 Awards. ekko and PPS were nominated for the Best ESG Initiative in payments.
  • Won Best Green Initiative at the FinTech Futures PayTech Awards!
  • 114% overfunded on their first crowdfunding campaign.

Other Case Studies

  • ekko’s award-winning technology empowers every transaction and interaction with positive impact.

  • End-to-end events software to help the beverage industry improve customer experience and productivity.

  • KiKa – fair, fast and secure payment solution using open banking