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A fusion of property professionals, skilled trades and simple technology that makes rental property maintenance hassle-free.

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    Creating a time and cost-efficient application for housing maintenance.

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      An application providing quick responses and excellent service for landlords and tenants.

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      We’ve developed a great relationship with MOHARA. They’ve shown dedication and vision, helping us to build our Android application and shaping our product as we go on our journey building a world-beating start-up.

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      About the business

      EVO is an on-demand repairs app that fixes 92.5% of all issues for the first time and makes housing maintenance quicker and cheaper for all. For landlords, they cut costs and for tenants, they make repairs quick and effortless.


      The Challenge

      Making renters feel like they belong in their home. How can we reduce first-time fix rates for repairs in the home and how do we make home repairs quicker, more efficient and less costly for residents and landlords alike?

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      The Solution

      Merging the instant response you'd expect from Deliveroo or Uber with the concierge service that a company such as AMEX would provide in one app. Tenants raise an issue and are swiftly connected to someone who can fix their problem. Problems can be initially triaged and responded to via video call, which saves time and money on costly call-outs for small issues. Where call-outs are required, users can determine appointment times and review the history of repairs and maintenance within their home.

      The Outcome

      EVO's first-time fix rate (industry standard metric) is 92.5%, meaning they resolve over 90% of issues immediately after being called. Their current monthly net promoter score is +67, compared to industry score of -11.  EVO manages 1000's of properties around London and the South West, with a pending launch over the rest of the country. Since working with MOHARA, EVO's valuation has doubled in the space of eight months.