3 products in the market

Enterprise sale - three in finishing sales

Company valuation increased fourfold


KiKapay is a fair, fast and secure payment solution using open banking. Reduced time, effort and cost for businesses when collecting payments, with more visibility and control over payments to customers.



The Challenge

Validating and generating business through building out a brand new customer-to-merchant payment solution using the UK’s open banking regulations. The system needed to be secure, monitored by the FCA and scalable enough to facilitate thousands of payments a day.

The Solution

Several secure, scalable and resilient payment products: products automatically scale with increased traffic. Powered by several micro-services, de-risking dependencies and increasing uptime. The products security have been confirmed by external penetration testers.

The Outcomes

  • Three products in market
  • Enterprise sale – three in finishing sales
  • Three funding rounds during this time, the valuation increased four folds

MOHARA's team have worked seamlessly across their UK and South African bases to build and test our payments product. They flexibly adjusted their work plans as we have changed our priorities.

Philip Godden // Head of Product and Co-founder

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