Product Designer

Product Designer
Cape Town, South Africa

MOHARA is looking for an experienced Product Designer to join a motivated, inspiring and fast-growing Product team. As the Product Designer at MOHARA, you will have the freedom and flexibility to own and define the look and feel of exciting new products that we invest in and service on behalf of our customers. You should be passionate about working with different design techniques to find the right solutions to deliver world-class products which are intuitive and enhance their user’s experience. You should have a love for design and be able to use it to get your ideas across to different stakeholders - Users, Product teams, Writers, Designers, Engineers and the wider community. We want someone who is as much of a holistic product thinker as a well-rounded design practitioner. This is more of a generalist role, utilising a variety of skills, techniques, methodologies and frameworks which requires a balance of strategy, collaboration, adaptation, communication and the ability to make something a reality.

The Product Designer will report to the Chief Design Officer and will take ownership of customer-facing design solutions and experiences. You will have the autonomy to formulate an implementation plan and then deliver it and will have access to the wider Product, Technology, Marketing and Sales team in order to complete your job effectively.



What MOHARA is like?

MOHARA has a very relaxed, informal and trusting working environment. We often rely on each other for more than just design advice. We’re looking for people who’re more than just a resource.

The individuals we hire are curious, have a point of view and know how to communicate it. They take on a challenge and push their role, our limits and our clients to be braver, better and more human.


MOHARA is a digital product agency with a different business model to most others. We work predominantly with the founders of startups, to help them create strategies, products, and services that realise the values they set out to build for.

One of the areas that make us unique is how we engage with our clients. We structure our relationships in such a way that we earn a blend of income and equity for the work we deliver. This aligns incentives and means that we are fundamentally invested in the success of our clients’ products.

We also work with innovation teams across larger organisations, taking the lessons learned from start-up life to help them establish practices and products using energy and approaches of the “disrupters” they strive to be like.

We have a substantial pipeline of work and we’re going to build on that over the next year. To deliver to our clients our design team is going to expand several-fold. To start us out in the right direction we’re looking to bring someone with experience, skill, and knowledge to be the point person on some of our bigger projects, and to support other projects and designers through critiques, mentorship, and advice.