Welcome to VSaaS: Venture Studio as a Service

A powerful and significant collaboration. Whether you are the proud founder of a Venture Studio or about to take the leap to building your own, MOHARA could be the perfect partner to give you product building capability to prove concepts, build MVPs and scale.

What does it look like?

We are extending our venture studio capability and looking for partners to discover, test and build ideas better than ever before. MOHARA has been building technology products and startups for 10+ years and we understand the strength of the venture studio model.


Michelle Golding // Founder/CEO – Experience This

PreHype & MOHARA

MOHARA worked alongside Pre Hype to build out an idea had by Michelle Golding whilst working at Diageo. Pre Hype were responsible for running the internal venture studio process and MOHARA were brought in to build the MVP and work with Michelle to go to market. Experience This is a thriving business and MOHARA is still very much supporting Michelle’s journey.

Let’s talk about your startup project

How do we engage?

At Cost Cash + Equity

Skin in the game alignment. Our startup building expertise at cost alongside taking an equity position. Much like a co-founder or early stage team member who takes a lower salary in exchange for a share of the upside.

Non Equity Long Term Partnership

We still bring our expertise and a desire to build world class products, we just don’t share in the in end game spoils. A balanced portfolio of risk is ok for us.

Our Results Speak for Themselves

($) valuation of our portfolio companies
products built
current investments
successful exits

Proven Process

We know that reputation and brand is everything. We have worked hard to ensure that we deliver with repeatable quality to elevate and enhance both our partners and our brand together.

Venture Case Studies

  • ekko’s award-winning technology empowers every transaction and interaction with positive impact.

  • End-to-end events software to help the beverage industry improve customer experience and productivity.

  • KiKa – fair, fast and secure payment solution using open banking

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