The secrets to a successful marketplace

The online marketplace is a wonderful business model for startups, providing an excellent way to introduce and test new products – it is also the most misunderstood.

Building a marketplace is a difficult process that can be hard to navigate. But it's not impossible with the right tools! That's why we're here.

This book will help you build a marketplace business and not miss any of the crucial steps along the way.

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The MOHARA Marketplace Blueprint

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We have enjoyed some wonderful conversations, being both the interviewer and interviewee. We've been interviewed on the popular Startup Mindsets Podcast. We’ve also hosted clubhouse sessions with fascinating names in the industry, from rapper MC Hammer, founding father of 'Alexa' Igor Jablokov, and Chegg CEO, Dan Rosensweig

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Engineering resources

At MOHARA, we build products based on an agile mindset – in uncertain environments, this helps us produce exceptional results. When we start working with founders and heads of innovation, they are often confused by the terms agile, scrum and product.

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IVC Innovators: INSEACT - Feed With Impact

INSEACT takes waste products from the palm oil industry and feed it to insects, which are processed into protein products.

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IVC Innovators: ALAMI - Revolutionising Islamic FinTech

Back in 2019, ALAMI started out as a sharia-compliant peer-to-peer lending platform for SME financing. Today, they're the world’s first sharia challenger bank and have disbursed more than US$50 million with a 0% default rate.

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The Journey To Entrepreneurship

The road to becoming an entrepreneur can be one filled with uncertainties and challenges. However, despite the challenges, being an entrepreneur can be extremely rewarding.

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