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Successful products are based on solid user insights. Whether that's a survey at kick-off, user interviews during the discovery phase or user testing at launch, research is a critical part of any sound product strategy.

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Understand your customers’ behaviour and turn it into actionable insights

We apply a variety of research approaches depending on the goal, but some of the services we offer are:

  • Surveys to validate concepts, size up the market and set priorities
  • User interviews to dig deeper into user needs
  • Usability testing to identify issues and increase confidence in the product
  • Competitor and market research to explore the landscape

We’ve developed a great relationship with MOHARA. They’ve shown dedication and vision, helping us to build our Android application and shaping our product as we go on our journey building a world-beating start-up

Dean Shepherd
Founder, EVO

reducing risk

A critical step

It's vital to conduct thorough research to reduce risk and increase confidence in your product. We can create in-depth reports for ongoing strategic guidance or light-touch findings that we can act on quickly.


We strive to turn good ideas into reality for pioneers, partnering with them to build businesses that will change people’s lives for the better.

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