Product Design

We apply customer insights and design best practice to craft effective products. We focus on delivering a seamless user experience, compelling content, and an intuitive interface.

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product design

Design expertise

Our product design team has expertise across the design spectrum, including:

  • Content design strategy and creation
  • UI visual design and testing
  • Branding and identity development
  • Service design
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Over the years MOHARA have grown into a key strategic partner for Medi2data - we value their opinions, trust their delivery and rely on their support.

Richard Freeman
Founder and Chief Executive, Medi2data

We put the product first, setting you up for success.

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A leading augmented reality platform for instant brand activation at live events.

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Experience This

End-to-end events software to improve customer experience and productivity in the beverage industry.

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What you can expect from us

We design successful products for diverse organisations, from the smallest startups to the biggest businesses. We collaborate closely with all our clients throughout the design process. We know you have valuable industry knowledge that will help us craft the best possible product.

product design

The importance of Product design

A rigorous design and testing process is vital to creating a successful product. Our design and development teams work closely together to ensure every aspect is crafted to deliver the best possible user experience.

It's crucial not to rush this phase, or you risk launching a product that doesn't satisfy your target market. With the combination of your industry experience and our design expertise, we can make sure we deliver a product that your users will love.

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We strive to turn good ideas into reality for pioneers, partnering with them to build businesses that will change people’s lives for the better.

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Why Product-market Fit Determines Start-up Success

Finding your business niche is a necessary skill. However, when it comes to understanding your market and genuinely knowing their wants, needs, and desires, you can only determine if your product provides what the user needs.

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5 Reasons Why Start-ups Fail

Start-ups rarely fail because the founders' idea isn’t good. On the other hand, a founder may have a great idea but still fail. We have 5 reasons to ensure you can avoid pitfalls as a founder.

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A Developer’s View On The Fundamentals Of An Effective App

Front-end developers play an integral part in developing an application or product. These developers adhere to specific principles to build a product that users will easily interact with, enjoy navigating through, and consider valuable.

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