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MOHARA builds world class tech products with start-ups, scale-ups and global giants.

Be ambitious. Build bold.

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You bring the why, we work out the how and build the what

Investing Human Capital


Our Start-up Studio empowers the next generation of entrepreneurs and tech companies giving every good idea the chance to shine.

We build your product and augment your team while keeping costs low and increasing your speed to market.

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Empowering Success


You have an existing team or an idea for a new product and need a team of highly experienced designers, engineers to build it.

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Product Thinking

Our commitment to Quality and Partnership

We know that reputation and brand is everything. We have worked hard to ensure that we deliver with repeatable quality to elevate and enhance both our partners and our brand together.

Our 8 Fundamentals of Repeatable Quality are the core steps that help us understand how to deliver projects with repeatable quality. Our projects are delivered with quality because we follow these fundamentals and in order to be repeatable, we have standards and benchmarks.

We look to evolve and improve as a business continually. The MOHARA Process Flow or “MO_FLO” is a living guide to project delivery at MOHARA. It’s living because it is regularly updated with further thinking, best practices or lessons learnt.

We approach critical product thinking through a series of Product Lenses. These include: UX/UI, identifying your business model, the stage of your business, data, technology stack and infrastructure, elements to buy or build, fitness functions and your users.

These functions are critical to the success of our product quality and business building capability. Our function heads work closely to ensure that we drive excellence across our teams through knowledge, steering committees, dedicated quality benchmarking and counselling and mentorship.

Our Worldwide Reach

Your Global Startup Studio

We take great pride in MOHARA’s worldwide presence, with our dedicated teams situated in our strategically located offices in London, Cape Town, Bangkok, Manila, Guadalajara, and Toronto.

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