We invest in some of the most exciting startups in Europe and the US – help us make those companies great.

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Some of the MOHARA team at University of Cape Town’s Break the Rules event

Empowering Startups

MOHARA helps startups reduce execution risk by providing the process and technical expertise to bring products to life.

  • Product development and engineering

    75 product managers and engineers that have built thousands of products

  • Strategic advice

    We don’t just build products, we offer strategic advice on growth, finance and operations

  • Access to investors and capital

    We help our startups find capital to support growth plans

  • Sales and marketing

    Product development doesn’t exist in a silo, we help our startups think about a route to market

“I get to speak to 100’s of startup founders every year and I’m learning so much about what makes a startup scale. My marketing skills across SEO, paid, brand, and partnerships have been honed by looking at so many different business cases.”

Benji Fisher, Growth Lead – MOHARA

Unlocking Opportunities

Our perks & benefits

International Exposure

MOHARA Exchange Program, travel to international organisational hubs

Global Tech Accelerator

An opportunity for accelerated growth with exposure to the global tech industry

Innovation in Action

Work on dynamic projects aimed at building innovative products and businesses within the tech and startup space.

Competitive Salary and Perks

Benchmarked salary with additional perks such as access to the MOHARA Equity & Profit Pool.

Career Support

Counsellor system to support career progression, alignment of personal goals with organisational objectives

Fun and Vibrant Workplace

Social Events at MOHARA’s Casual Office Community

Work-Life Balance

Flexible and hybrid work environment

Rewarding Loyalty

Paid Sabbatical after 3 years of employment

Celebrate Your Special Day

Paid birthday leave

Recruitment Process

At MOHARA, our hiring goes beyond finding candidates who have the ‘right’ qualifications and experience. We believe that knowledge can be acquired, skills can be developed, and experience can be gained by the right people with the right attitude.

MOHARA values finding individuals who fit our company culture and share our values which are rooted in honesty, courage, vision and being invested.

We strive to work with our potential candidates to provide them with a transparent and fair process that allows us to assess whether they will be a good fit for our needs and whether MOHARA will be a good fit for their career, or part thereof.

Join Forces with Top Startup Creators

Opportunities at MOHARA arise from vacancies, strategic resourcing, and natural company growth throughout our hubs located around the globe.

Our main recruitment focus is currently on our Bangkok, Cape Town, and Guadalajara hubs.

We provide our expertise at cost alongside taking an equity position, meaning you access some of the world’s best startup creators.

By taking equity as opposed to margin we invest in you and only make a return if your startup works.

Some of the UK team have a discussion across the table in the London Office
Jason and Yeeshu enjoying lunch during a break from project work. The is a big plate of sandwich and chips on the table, Jason looks very happy about it.
Jackie and Maria are smiling at the camera outside a cafe in Toronto. They have takeaway food (maybe donuts). Maria is visiting from the Philippines.
Some of the Bangkok team smile at the camera whilst having dinner and drinks outside a restaurant in a busy street . Daniel and Tom are visiting from Cape Town.
Chris takes a selfie with Gam and James whilst having lunch in the Bangkok office. Thumbs up all round
Four of the team pose for a photo during their lunch break.
Some of the Bangkok team pose for a photo whilst discussing smoking habits on a night out. Don't smoke kids
Gitti talks to some of the Cape Town team whilst on his exchange trip from Bangkok. Everyone is wearing a badge as part of the meet and greet.

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