Case Studies

We’ve previously worked with start-up founders and businesses to deliver innovative products. MOHARA has the skills and know-how to help you build a product that delights your users. Learn more about some of our projects below.


With rich experience in FinTech, our team has built open banking to customer-centric applications. We offer tailored solutions to meet the evolving demands of the industry, ensuring our clients stay ahead in the dynamic world of finance.


MOHARA brings a wealth of experience in both the US and UK healthcare sectors, with expertise in seamless government system integration, AI-powered communication solutions, and advanced data processing software.


MOHARA possesses a profound comprehension of the GenAI landscape, having actively engaged in the development of multiple cutting-edge products within this realm. Our experience empowers us to deliver innovative solutions tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities it presents

Transforming Education, Healthcare, and AI Solutions

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