Investing Human Capital

Our Start-up Studio empowers the next generation of entrepreneurs and tech companies, giving every good idea the opportunity to shine.

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MOHARA Ventures

Our model allows you to:

  • Build your product development team quickly and effectively

  • Maximise output while keeping your team lean and flexible

  • Minimise early-stage dilution by raising only the necessary capital

  • Work with class leading product thinkers and leverage our extensive expertise in early-stage startup development

  • Gain exposure with our capital networks

You bring the why, we work out the how and build the what

Stage 1

Zero to One

The start of your entrepreneurial journey. Validate your idea, test it in market, iterate to find market fit and get investor ready.


Follow a recipe to validate whether your idea has a market need.


Build your pilot quickly and efficiently using No Code and Low Code tools.


Learn from your initial users, iterate and find signs of traction.

Investor Readiness

Prepare your yourself, your pitch and your company to raise capital.

“We’ve developed a great relationship with MOHARA. They’ve shown dedication and vision, helping us to build our suite of digital products, apps and AI engines on our journey building EVO into a world-beating start-up”

Dean Shepherd – Co-founder & CTO

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Stage 2

One & Beyond

Teams to build and scale your tech product into market.

Aligned Incentives

Our part cash, part equity human capital model means we only win when you win.

Product First

At MOHARA we believe that Product Thinking is not a phase or step, it is a mindset that should be maintained throughout the projects lifecycle.

Agile and Lean

Agile thinking, and what it means to MOHARA, is the core of how we think. It means we focus on risks and assumptions, try to identify the shortest feedback loops we can, and drive rapid iterations.

Extend Your Runway

By reducing our rates to cost in exchange for equity you can extend your runway. Either raise less capital early on or build more product for your money.

MOHARA has been a brilliant product partner that always goes above and beyond. I can’t recommend them enough as a long term partner!

Michelle Golding Founder & CEO // Experience This (Diageo)

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Investment portfolio

Our Worldwide Reach

Your Global Startup Studio

We take great pride in MOHARA’s worldwide presence, with our dedicated teams situated in our strategically located offices in London, Cape Town, Bangkok, Manila, Guadalajara, and Toronto.

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Empowering Early-Stage Ventures

Capital Network

MOHARA has long been building an active capital network of early stage Venture Capital funds and Angel Investors. We are tightly aligned with the Angel School and represent the European Chapter of the Syndicate.

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