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A point-of-care solution developed to support caregivers and care facilities.

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    Digitising paper-based processes for care facilities.

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      An active platform in several facilities across the UK and SA, helping carers deliver quality care.‍

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      MOHARA’s team have worked with us to scope and build a bespoke mobile app and web-based platform geared to providing valuable support to care facilities. With their support, we have been able to efficiently build and release our product in the United Kingdom and South Africa, changing the lives of many caretakers and those they care for.

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      About the business

      Bloom Support is a point-of-care solution developed to support caregivers and care facilities to provide superior care to their service users.


      The Challenge

      Current paper-based processes for capturing daily notes and managing service user data within a care facility are antiquated and time-consuming. This steals precious time away from carers spending valuable time with those they care for. These processes are required for compliance with regulatory bodies and are a significant administrative burden in many care facilities.

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      The Solution

      MOHARA developed a mobile app for easily and efficiently recording daily notes at the point of care. This is accompanied by a browser-based management platform for management staff to view, store, and collate data to manage their facilities. The tools, including data dashboards, help carers and management staff to deliver care of the highest quality to their service users while minimising the administrative burden of regulatory compliance.

      The Outcome

      Bloom Support is now active in several facilities across the UK and South Africa. Thousands of notes are recorded daily by over 150 carers across multiple facilities, saving countless hours of unnecessary paperwork and admin. In the end, helping carers do what they do best – delivering high-quality care to those who need it most!