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Accessing GDPR-compliant medical information at the click of a button.

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    Creating scalable solutions, producing clinically coded reports.

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      Used by more than 10% of UK GP surgeries. Over 30,000 medical reports prepared, saving surgeries 66% of their time.

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      Over the years MOHARA have grown into a key strategic partner for Medi2data - we value their opinions, trust their delivery and rely on their support.

      Richard Freeman

      Founder and Chief Executive, Medi2data


      About the business

      Medi2data builds innovative, easy-to-use technologies allowing GP practices to quickly and securely share consented patient information.

      eMR is Medi2data’s free flagship software, a GDPR-compliant medical records platform that helps GPs and patients access medical information at the click of a button.


      The Challenge

      There are many challenges for Medi2data and their core product, eMR. Creating secure, scalable solutions that can work with primary care systems, and then produce clinically coded medical reports for a variety of purposes.

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      The Solution

      We built a Python based system that works with EMIS, the leading primary care system. Interfaces with Vision and TPP are in the pipeline. This system allows clinicians to quickly and easily prepare medical reports and redact - both automatically using our ever-evolving algorithms and manually using an intuitive user interface, any sensitive of irrelevant terms. The solution is served from the cloud, allowing greater scalability and security.

      The Outcome

      eMR is now in use by more than 10% of UK GP surgeries, with more coming in every week. Over 30,000 medical reports have been prepared, saving surgeries 66% of their time at zero cost to the surgery.