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Quick Release

From supporting their internal ERP system to delivering innovation and prototyping.

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    Adapting over the course of the long-term partnership.

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      Sold to a French engineering group, becoming MOHARA's first exit.

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      We’ve worked with MOHARA in different ways for many years now, and whilst the way they have supported has changed, what’s never changed is their commitment to making sure we succeed.

      Rob Ferrone

      Founder Director


      About the business

      MOHARA has supported Quick Release in many ways over the years, from supporting their internal ERP system to delivering innovation and prototyping to Quick Release's large automotive clients.


      The Challenge

      One of the biggest challenges in a long-term partnership is how you can adapt over time so that you're continually bringing more value to the table, and not going stale. Although Ben, our MOHARA co-founder, has been the fractional CFO for QR for many years, the types of other kinds of support has changed a lot over the years.

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      The Solution

      The latest iteration was to support an innovation project with a big automotive OEM. MOHARA were originally providing a production designer to build prototypes, but this quickly extended to providing a versatile software engineer to build the prototypes, and ended up being MOHARA providing a design researcher, too.

      The Outcome

      Quick Release was sold in 2018 to a listed French engineering group, and became the first exit for MOHARA for our sweat equity portfolio. So the outcome is less about the specific projects, and more the value added over the long term!