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A leading augmented reality platform for instant brand activation at live events.

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    Creating a new medium of advertising through in-person advertising at popular events and locations.

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      Launched on 1500 golf courses, with a forecast of 15 million active impressions.

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      About the business

      SWAG'R is an AR scavenger hunt for you and your friends to catch exciting prizes and promotions at big events and famous locations.


      The Challenge

      The world of physical and digital advertising are very distinct and rarely overlap. The challenge was to create a new medium of advertising which floats between the two, giving brands unique and actionable metrics while taking advantage of the benefits of physical, in-person advertising at popular events and locations.

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      The Solution

      You are probably very familiar with Pokémon Go (released 2017). SWAG’R employs the same concept, creating an immersive mobile environment to explore the world in a digital context. However, replace catching Pokémon with catching fresh new deals from your favourite brands at big events. SWAG’R's aim is to merge physical advertising and digital advertising in one, creating a new ecosystem for brands.

      The Outcome

      Launched on 1,500 golf courses with a forecasted total of 15 million active impressions by the end of August 2021. SWAG'R has positioned itself perfectly post-COVID to create a unique harmony between physical and digital ad-tech. We are now in talks with some of the biggest worldwide sporting events and brands that all of us engage with every day.