This is the final part of the three-part series on Medi2data. Click here to read Part 2.

Post-COVID, what does the future hold for Medi2data?

Personally, it is to see the business make strong, stable but scalable growth that’s managed properly. That our service delivery and reputation are sincere, have integrity and provide value to all the stakeholders within our ecosystem.

I want to see people grow in the organisation as individuals and also grow in their position in the company. We got here because of people’s input and participation.

We’ve got unbelievable opportunities around expanding from a domestic technology business to an international business via the My Health Wallet. I want to see this come to fruition, where not only is My Health Wallet working domestically, it’s working for travel, going into different territories around the world. I want to keep growing and building, bringing people and partners along with me.

Do you expect any changes you have made during this period to remain permanent? Has it proved beneficial to your ways of working?

I’d like to think that the eMR+ service we launched during COVID becomes a permanent service.

Operationally, interesting things have developed from COVID that we need to integrate into our business model moving forward. Home-based work or satellite working is certainly something we are going to consider. Through our outsourcing service, we’ve got a greater insight into how surgeries work. It allowed us to look at ways we can enhance and develop the product further.

We’ve had the opportunity in the last five months to look at eMR and how it will be able to maintain and continue bringing value to our customers – that’s come through the eMR+ service.

How do you find working with your son? And what about when he calls you ‘Richard’ instead of ‘Dad’ in front of customers?

As it happens, my son is studying Applied Medical Sciences at Swansea University. So the link to helping us do accreditations when he first started was very helpful.

I am hugely impressed by the way he has evolved as an individual. What makes me proud is how others react to Nick being my son. We present a lot to clients and he presents a lot to surgeries on his own. I often get comments saying how professional he is. He is 21 years old. Many react in a way that says they are amazed that he is only 21 with the knowledge he’s got.

I want to make sure that it is comfortable for Nicholas, more than uncomfortable for me. It’s certainly not uncomfortable for me with him referring to me as Richard. It’s much more professional and it wasn’t anything we discussed, it was just the way it happened. He’s certainly already shown an aptitude for the business. So it’s great having him on board.

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