Make sure your capital is put to work in the right way.

We find the best deals in Europe and North America

Our startup product development process brings products to market that customers actually want

Our team executes fast
and within budget

Our collaborative approach to building world class companies with MBA Graduates

MOHARA has been collaborating with business schools and MBA graduates for over 6 years.

We are proud sponsors of the INSEAD Venture Competition and have delivered seminars and workshops at Wharton, LSE, INSEAD and Hult.

At our core, we are a builder of tech and early stage companies. We work with founders who are ambitious, dedicated and want to build something significant.

We have recognised your capability as an MBA graduate and founder. MOHARA works with the brightest and best to strive to build world class companies.



In 2023 we’re investing in 8 pre-seed to series A startups.

Our unique model provides world-class engineering and product development in return for equity in the business. Here is an example:

1. The startup needs product building support that would cost $500k to deliver through MOHARA agency business.

2. The startup accesses this talent at cost, reducing it to $250k.

3. A percentage of that saved margin is then converted into equity. If the business has a valuation of $2m and we discount the equity to $200k, that equity is worth 10% of the startup.

For Investors

If you’d like to invest in our startups, please get in touch. Our founders are normally raising between £250,000 and £1m.

  • Because we’ve done this time and again (50+ start-up investments to be exact!), we know how to navigate the risks that come with building a successful start-up.

  • Through our due diligence we’ve already sifted through thousands of our start-ups’ to find the best.

  • We provide product development execution that works, alongside strategic advice, legal and marketing support.

  • MOHARA has skin in the game. We win if our investments succeed, so we’re committed to driving success.