From ideation to execution

If you’re managing an innovation team, launching a new product inside a larger business or building a start-up, our unique SCUBA process can help you succeed. SCUBA takes you from surfacing an idea, conceiving a prototype, understanding the feedback loops you need, building out the digital product and then using our engineering and design teams to accelerate your growth.

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Design Research

Validate concepts and identify opportunities

We adopt a user-centred approach, engaging users at every stage. At the start, we'll run interviews and surveys to validate the concept and identify user needs. Throughout the design and development process, we'll run usability tests and tweak the product as needed. This reduces risk and helps our clients feel confident that their product launch will be a success.

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product design

Ideate, review and iterate

We have expertise across content design, UX, service design, branding, and visual design. Our designers do all the research themselves, so they're fully immersed in the insights that it brings. Our primary focus is always to meet your user needs as well as your business objectives.

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Over the years MOHARA have grown into a key strategic partner for Medi2data - we value their opinions, trust their delivery and rely on their support.

Richard Freeman
Founder and Chief Executive, Medi2data

web development

From concept to validated MVP

At MOHARA, we are passionate about designing and building the right architecture for a product. We are not wedded to a particular language or framework, instead focusing on what will be effective in each solution.

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Unity Development

The next big frontier

We see 3D application development as the next big frontier for how we engage with our everyday smart devices. We have a specialist Unity team that have built immersive experiences and 3D applications from the likes of Disney to new startups like SWAG'R.

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Mobile Development

Innovative and user-friendly mobile applications

At MOHARA, we have a team well versed in native, hybrid, and web app development. We look for the most appropriate development solution to provide the best outcome.

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